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All we have is now

«All we have is now» project is about the «now» moment. Not yesterday and tomorrow but today is the day when you should go and do, live, love, grow and be yourself.

Making something bigger out of the void. The spirit of travel, freedom, strength and love filled our stories.

Elton lake

The first place was the largest salt lake in Europe, Elton, has attracted me for a long time since I grew up only 300 km from there. The space itself dictated the images and ideas and everything was born: a dress that draped perfectly and resembled a cloud and an intricate flower consonant with the shapes with a parachute, a slightly alien appearance of the model-bride, a strict and at the same time romantic image of the model-groom.

When you stand on boiling white salt you don’t even understand where you are: whether you are on the planet you thought you were.

My starting point was the Burning Man festival both visually and ideologically. A kind of “utopian idyll” in the wedding interpretation.

We began with the theme of the four elements: the element of air with a parachute, the winds of the steppes and fire, telling us again that everything is not eternal, live, burn!

Starting with spectacular, wide, atmospheric cold and fashion shots we got to warm and passionate final shots. We had lived a kind of life cycle with the whole team: both behind the scenes and in the frame.

See the whole shooting here.

Stepan Razin cliff

The “place of power” of my student times is Stepan Razin’s Cliff. Some people call it the “Volga Sea” because it looks so different from an ordinary river. The Volga is incredibly deep blue river in this place. The chalk cliff feels like something especially majestic, pristine. 

Pictures cannot even convey how much a person is able to express feelings through the dance.

As soon as I heard about our planner Vera’s obsession with the idea of dancing I realized this is it! Our elements of ground and water together is the dance of waves and the way they beat against the steep bank.

The dancing couple, Ingvar and Diana, came to us by the will of fate and were the exact embodiment of everything conceived. In their movements they accumulated all the energy of youth, passion and love that is in this world. The scale of the place and the minimalism of the absolutely non-standard decor worked together here multiplying the intended effect many times over.

Finally, there was the idea of this shooting as the beginning of working with incredible locations throughout Russia. Despite the lofty and poetic goals, the vital goals are no less important. Because of pandemic this year, the opening of such places in Russia for native people should have given an additional impact to travel around the country. Moreover, we hope, to attract people to domestic tourism in the broadest possible sense. It is important to understand the pricelessness of nature given to Russian people and to open brand-new places. How many more places we have to discover and present people!


I would like to give a photographer’s advice: don’t be afraid to search and trust your choice. Look for people with whom you would like to live your life, those specialists whose approach to business makes your heart skip a beat and trust them, and they will look for the best locations and incredible “yours” meanings – for shooting, for a holiday or for the soul.

See the whole shooting here.

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