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All we have is now

«All we have is now» project is about the «now» moment. Not yesterday and tomorrow but today is the day when you should go and do, live, love, grow and be yourself. Making something bigger out of the void. The spirit of travel, freedom, strength and love filled our stories. Elton lake The first place […]


Ireland Dreaming: a wedding for two in Ireland

We will not torture you with long introductions, photos from the journey of Lera and Cyril speak for themselves! And the story of the bride will be useful to everyone who dreams of an atmospheric holiday in Ireland. Couple story I and Kirill were studying in one group at the university. We talked not too […]


Portugal Story

Air, waves, wind in hair and an incredible feeling of freedom. Katya and Andrey held their wedding on their own. Couple story Katya: We met at the birthday of a mutual friend in 2009. There were a lot of games like a “crocodile” and a “spoiled phone” and unexpectedly hitting a couple together we won […]