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Facetime Shooting

I twisted myself for a long time to start FaceTime shooting although the idea came a month ago because “but what about psychology of working with a person, how can I not move the camera and what about the quality..” So I attempted once and didn’t understand how?! The second time I was horrified by the complexity. The third – I realized that I did not understand anything. But the moment came when it came to my mind “this is Art, not portrait work».

This is the digital art of that self-isolated people moment around the world which happened for the first time in history and may not happen again, the moment of new emotions and new facets. Pleasant and not very, and in many ways alone with yourself – and Facetime shots are also about my “absence”, but about the guiding and leading something behind the scenes of our life. I do not want to convert this into the category of fan photo shoot and earning a bit of money.

I want to leave this moment of our mutual process of oxygen absorption and the creation of something very subtle and beautiful.

Lera from Kazan, actress, designer of sweaters and home decor.

A new look at everyday things. When a home flower or macrame suddenly becomes part of a little art. It’s amazing how I did not notice this before?)

Julia, Spain, photographer and designer of swimwear.

I am interested in photography and I am also a swimwear designer. It was interesting and curious to see myself from the other side of the photo lens. And with Margo it was also fun) the result exceeded all expectations ❤️

Rita, Moscow

Vlada, Orel, model, photographer.

Masha and Vanya, Moscow. Maria is a blogger @_by_mimi, Ivan Cristo is the lead singer of Quest Pistols.

Sasha, Sochi, grows spiritually and absorbs the sun.

Shooting with Margo is always fun and charges with positive and energy! My first nude shoot and even FaceTime one I can only trust this to you, Margo! We laughed, chatted and after a couple of hours I got a masterpiece! ❤️ I want more)

Larisa, Moscow, stylist

A Facetime photo shoot with beautiful Margo is a very exciting experience, and moreover many cool photos without leaving your home.

Maria, creator of Simpla brand and brand manager at “Briquette Market”.

For a long time we could not catch a good light and understand what to do, because I was the first but doubts were gone as soon as the sun came out. I put on a white T-shirt and took a glass of water. Margo knows how and sees how it will be beautiful so I easily trusted her. Vibrant but unusual photos came out. For all who are in quarantine, it is real entertainment!


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