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Ireland Dreaming: a wedding for two in Ireland

Ireland, April, 2017

We will not torture you with long introductions, photos from the journey of Lera and Cyril speak for themselves! And the story of the bride will be useful to everyone who dreams of an atmospheric holiday in Ireland.

Couple story

I and Kirill were studying in one group at the university. We talked not too much but we were always on the same wave. After graduation our paths diverged. We met again like old friends, exchanged a few phrases and away we go. We spent all summer together, we were riding bicycles, walking a lot. It was just friendship until the moment I had kissed him.

After a couple of months we began to live together. It was great time. We had a tradition like we were riding bicycles or longboards in Irish Bub for breakfast with a great view to Volga. In 7 months we were thinking about moving to the city to his parents.

One day our staff was collected and we went to say goodbye to our Sunday tradition. Morning, sun, breakfast, we were staring at Volga river we play “Friday” – “You are like me.” Of course, I replied, “Yes.” In this song, songs are welling up.

Preparing for a wedding in Ireland

We knew that photo shooting would not take place in Russia and Margo Ermolaeva would be our Wedding photographer. It all started with a meeting with Margo and videoman Alex. I don’t remember how Ireland had appeared but after Alex found a photo of grazing sheep in the meadow we immediately decided – let’s go there!

After that we came across with the months of preparation. We started by looking for flights for our dates while we were picking up the images. Of course, in city shops there was nothing suitable in style. As a result, Margo and Alex drove me to the store … of curtains. It was funny, trying them on yourself, the sellers were shocked. And we found what we needed! It was a French fabric with embroidery and velvet. The second dress was made by Tatyana Kochnova, and this was generally a dream!

Then we started exploring Ireland looking for photo shoots locations and accommodations. We searched for the most authentic places. Our Bentry home was a classic Irish home with a fireplace, gramophone, wooden floors and vintage furniture. Then we applied for visa and booked a car in the RentalCar application. Everything was ready!

The image of the bride

We had no idea how to organize together everything that we would like so I did not even expect that I would be able to get some kind of bouquet. Fortunately, Margo successfully met friends on the eve of the trip with a blogger girl from Dublin and with common efforts we remotely booked flowers for the bouquet.

The issue of makeup and hair was not solved as we had a week of filming and 6 locations in different parts of the country.

Margo turned out to be a professional also in this sphere, packed a bag of cosmetics and hairpins, in general, she was fully equipped.

This is about her to be talented person in everything. Therefore, my main advice to brides is to trust the professional as yourself and let go of the situation.

Wedding concept

Initially I spoke with inspiration about a dark palette, old fabrics, naturalness and a mixture of chic and simplicity. All in all, I wanted something like that, northern and beautiful. Margo quickly caught this theme and completely developed the whole style.

Margo’s comment: Nadia Kholopova and I came up with a chic invitation set specially for shooting. An approximate palette like fawn pink, gray, black and beige was established along with the choice of fabric for the main dress. The choice of decor for the guys’ dinner was based primarily on their ability to sculpt incredible ceramics, it immediately inspired me. So the dinner turned out to be so handmade and sincere, very “about them”.

We ordered flowers for dinner decor in advance at the base. In fact there was little available thus part of the necessary “half tones” and variations we collected in the fields and gardens on the way to our house. I think it turned out to be magical! The image from Tanya Kochnova was radically different. It was so simple and natural, that’s why we shot guys it in the most natural places connected with the previous “chic” one using the crown from Beretkah.


On the first day while the guys were getting local SIM cards Margo twisted my curls and did my makeup. Then we so beautiful with Kirill and Margo and Alex, hung with equipment, went to the south of the country in Bantry. The route was built through the town of Kilkenny, the smallest in Ireland.

Further the path lay to Cashel Castle. We got there in the evening. No souls, no sheep and gray castle everything we wanted.To the truth, the sheep did not manage to come close. But the shooting turned out very cool.

By the evening we got to Bantry. We enthusiastically explored the house, sat by the fireplace and went to bed in anticipation of the next day. And the day was one of the most fabulous. The shooting took place at Bantry House located about 20 minutes from our house. This is an impossibly beautiful place: an old house with a garden, a stable and a view of the bay. We were lucky again. We arrived at closing time when there were no tourists. Entrance to the estate itself was paid. And the indoor shooting had to be coordinated in advance. We did not know that but we managed to make a couple of shots.

After we moved towards the ocean to the Galley Head Lighthouse. We arrived there already in the evening and caught the sunset. Our delight knew no bounds! Standing at the edge of a cliff together, looking at the ocean, hearing the seagulls while the sun was satting. By the evening we arrived home and had our wedding dinner. Candles, music from an old gramophone, crackling firewood in a fireplace. I still don’t believe that this happened to us …

The next day we went to see the Ring of Kerry National Park. Then, the path went to County Kerry to the western point of Ireland, the Dingle Peninsula. There passes the famous sheep trail, which, unfortunately, we did not find. Dingle is a place you want to return to. The impression that this was the end of the world. The wind is so strong that it knocks down.

The next day, we left our ideal Irish home and drove for the famous cliffs of Moher. This is power. There were many people there  so to take a shot we had to catch the moment. The next point was the city of Galway. W knew it as the most authentic part of Ireland, a city where the Irish come from the whole country for the weekend, and a city full of students, casinos and parties.

The last day in Dublin was free from filming. We were lucky with the weather, it was warm and sunny. We were walking, buying souvenirs. We had planned visit the Guiness Museum. We liked it, it is modern and interactive. Also we had a chance to visit the local pottery workshop Arran street est. The next day we had the plane.

Advice from a couple

To sum up, it is not enough to have a week in Ireland. We were very tired of moving, got up early, went to bed late. But we did not regret for a second, the shooting turned out to be amazing! Our wedding had become special. And here is what I can advise the brides who want to repeat our experience:

  • Discover new places
  • Wisely choose professionals and take adapters for Euro outlets
  • Trust your team completely
  • Do not oversaturate the holiday. Simplicity and quality are our motto.

The article was published in Weddywood Wedding magazine.


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