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Portugal Story

Fascinating landscapes of Portugal, May, 2017

Air, waves, wind in hair and an incredible feeling of freedom. Katya and Andrey held their wedding on their own.

Couple story

Katya: We met at the birthday of a mutual friend in 2009. There were a lot of games like a “crocodile” and a “spoiled phone” and unexpectedly hitting a couple together we won all competitions understanding each other perfectly. The following day Andrey called me on the date so our story began.

From the first days there was the feeling that we have known each other for all our lives and complement each other.

Andrey: We went to Prague to meet New Year 2013 and I was waiting for the right moment to propose but we were always with our friends. I offered to ride by old car and climbed a tower. As a result, that moment came when we separated from friends and were walking for all night.

On Charles Bridge all words were spoken and the proposal was accepted.

Wedding preparations

We could not start planning our wedding for quite a long time. Andrey wanted a classic wedding with a restaurant and relatives and I dreamt of signing and Elopement. We came up with compromise like this: we go to the registry office together, there is a photo shooting and dinner with relatives and finally we fly off on a trip abroad.

We had chosen Portugal for our honeymoon. We had already visited Portugal earlier driving the whole north by car and leaving a piece of our soul on the ocean. The Atlantic and wind seemed to us the ideal scenery for the shooting. We had been discussing our future wedding quite inertly for several years remembering it once a month.

It is unknown how long this would continue if one day I did not see Margo’s post that she and Alex were interested in new locations in other countries. I had been following Margo for a long time, admired her photos and dreamt she would the photographer who would shoot our wedding. So I immediately wrote Margo and the dates we were interested in were available.

Then everything turned around: buying tickets, renting a house, thinking out of shooting concepts and images for us. We discussed all these issues very carefully with Margo. Everything would have been much more complicated and boring without her experience, advice, attention to details. It took 5 months to prepare for the wedding.

Wedding concept

During the discussion we created two images in two different locations. The first one was minimalism, waves, wind in the hair, waving silk and a seagull soaring in the sky. The dress was as simple and free as possible (later it turned out that it was too light for harsh winds from the ocean, the temperature dropped to 15 °C).

The second storyline was slightly mystical «forest fairy-tale» in more classic images with a lush grey dress and a crown of quartz crystals. The bouquet that Margo had made became a chic accessory. She used not only purchased flowers but also spikelets that were growing up near the house where we lived and twigs. Wildflowers were collected on the way to Lisbon.

Wedding format

The scenario of my ideal wedding came true. That was simple formality but it would remain in my memory in photos and videos forever. It was the format of a week-holiday – travel for two. It was Elopement story. The first part of the shooting took place on the south of Lisbon on the rocks in the Zambujeira region. The second  part was in the forest near Sintra and on Cape of Rock. We were at sunset on the edge of the Earth and no one was around. That was one of the most magical moment.

Couple advice

It was an incredibly exciting experience. To create a moodboard on Pinterest choosing fabrics and tailoring dresses, choosing accessories. Shooting itself, talking to professionals.

So I can advise all brides to choose a team with good taste that is close to you, trust and listen to them.

The article was published in WeddyWood wedding magazine.


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