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Scandinavian Love: Ksenia & Sergey’s love story

Scandinavian style in North Ossetia

Many couples fell in love with this calm and a little cold, captivating with its simplicity and the spirit of freedom Scandinavian style. Ksenia and Sergey created a truly fascinating story in the mountains of North Ossetia choosing this style for their love story.

Mountains, wind, incredible beauty around, my beloved person next to me and two guys who are in a creative impulse. I have never felt so light, flying and beautiful in my life.

Reason of the shooting

The reason of the shooting was our wedding which was supposed to be held in August. We chose a Scandinavian-style restaurant as a place for banquet. We just fell in love with the atmosphere so we decided that the Nordic theme would be a red thread through our entire event.

However we could not imagine that our photographer and cameraman, Margo and Alex, would call us for pre-wedding photography to North Ossetia. Some internal instincts told us that we needed to go, that this would be a very important event in our life. And so happened.

And it all started spinning: choosing a place, making dresses, creating images… We constantly chatted with Margo and she shared the possible options as she imagined us and our shooting. From our side, we tried to imagine how this would happen and look forward to great results.

Shooting style

We chose the Scandinavian style because this issue is very close for me and Sergey. The first word that comes to mind when describing the chosen style is “cold.” Pleasant cool, refreshing and cleansing.

The main colours were grey, black, green and burgundy. The main accents were a bouquet, a scarf, boots and a dress. The bouquet was very extraordinary and it absolutely accurately fit the created image. The scarf added softness, smoothed the corners and I happily wrapped myself in it to keep warm. The shoes perfectly completed the look giving it little severeness.

The main element was the dress. The whole shooting would have looked completely different without it. Its volatility, softness, tenderness gave a certain mood and due to it I felt like an extraordinary mountain nymph. And another essential point was lace. It was sewn in such way that it looked like a real tattoo and became an accent that added charm and mystery to the whole image.

The basis of our printing were natural materials, its emphasis was naturalness, liveliness of writing and, finally, an illustration with a sheep was involved as a vital attribute of the northern valley.

Shooting day

Plunging into the atmosphere of that day I immediately feel the mountain wind pushing me from head to toe as the body begins to relax and sway to the beat of it. There was a feeling of complete peace, absolute silence around. I remember that I was delighted with everything that was happening, I was very pleased to participate in the shooting, trust the professionals and do whatever they say.

But the most important thing is that we participated in all this together with Sergey who enjoyed the shooting as I did. Also I remember how we climbed the slopes, how our legs slipped away trying to drag us down. And I remember the worst thing how I stood on the edge of the abyss and for a second my head was spinning so wind nearly blew me away. Of course, everything was fine but I will remember this moment forever.

A terrible rain fell right after the shooting but we managed to do everything we wanted. Cheerful and enthusiastic, we went to a restaurant to discuss the shooting, drink homemade wine and consume delicious meal.

The article was published in WeddyWood wedding magazine.

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