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Spencer & Nicole

Amalfi coast Wedding, Italy

Nicole and Spencer’s wedding is completely distance preparation owing to fact the guys live in Canada

Hundred of emails and FaceTime meeting where, as Nicole said later, they had realised they wanted to be only with us on their day)

During the preparation discussion the Bride asked us about the possibility of dividing the shooting time into two days to take more pictures and images in different wonderful locations. The Amalfi coast is famous for its various amazing places to choose where you want to visit more and more. Thus we decided to take lifestyle shooting on the sunset the day after the wedding.

Thanks to guys for their trust and understanding cause we suggested to shoot in the city in free format while Nicole initially had made a choice in favour of nature. Our choice was determined by the place of the main ceremony. It was just an old ruined monastery, natural and picturesque place. It is seldom when you can meet such corners due to dense buildings in Amalfi. 

Nicole and Spencer were communicating so cool and lively that it wasn’t essential to add nature moments. As a result, we went to the nearest town by boat where we were strolling, walking, eating ice cream, running, walking, going down and climbing the stairs. We went to the cathedral and at the end of the day we saw an incredible sunset on the way back. Amalfi is magic!

There is guys’ Wedding Shooting Feedback.

Thanks Nicole and Spence for these easy and fantastic days!

See the whole Spencer & Nicole’s Wedding album here.


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