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Photos were submitted on time, in several sizes and all the photos from the holiday were printed in the ribbon.

Awesome sense of style.

Margo didn’t let go at the wedding for a second and as a result we’ve gained the most beautiful tender photographs from the main event in my life.

We were completely satisfied, Margo, thank you again!


We met Margo not as a wedding photographer more than two years ago, and even then it seemed to me that her photographs were practically unrivaled. Then Margot was with us on the wedding day and at our honeymoon.

Now I advise Margo and only her to all my friends. Speaking not about the work of Margo (which you can see for yourself), but about the personality of the photographer…

Margo is always improving her skills and if you like her work now be sure that your photos will be even better!

Firstly, (this is very important moment for the photographer) Margo is easy to communicate with, she helps, advises while remaining invisible and unobtrusive on the day of the celebration.

Secondly, Margo listens to all wishes about photo shooting and ALWAYS offers options on how to make it more vibrant / tender / romantic (what you need). At the same time, you do not need to worry about what pose to sit down or to stand in order to be beautiful. As a master puppeteer Margot will help in everything 🙂

Thirdly, in Margo’s photographs there is no template (which is typical for many photographers). She (be sure!) will capture the exact atmosphere of your celebration. Looking at your photos from the wedding you will not just remember but you will feel again all the emotions and joys of this day. 


Thanks for the opportunity to meet the talented photographer Margo!

As a professional and an artist she helped us to make not only our wedding day unforgettable but also to realize the childhood dream of one romantic bride – to me 🙂

On the wedding day Margo caught our mood, understood our characters and emotions thus the photos that we review with great pleasure so far have turned out to be incredibly stylish, bright, sincere.

Also my happiness knew no bounds when I found out that Margo was shooting not only in Russia but also abroad – together we arranged photo shoot for the beloved film “Roman Vacations” in an eternal city that needs no introduction. 

At the same time Margo persuaded me to take not only clothes for stylized shooting but also my wedding dress so the photo session was 2 in 1 🙂 

Vatican, Castle of San Angelo, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Palazzo Barberini – we felt young and carefree Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Pack. These memories will forever remain with us in the form of gorgeous photos some of which would have easily gone for posters for a romantic film thanks to the skilful hands and sensitivity of our Margo.

The search of Wedding photographer is a quite hard quest especially in modern conditions when there are so many photographers and they are all different. I am very happy that our choice fell on Margo.

Firstly, she is a very pleasant person to talk to. And of course she is very talented and professional in her business, it’s not even worth talking about.

Margo was able to capture and convey on photos all those emotions that my husband and I experienced on the wedding day. Every time we come back in that Wedding day looking at the photos from the wedding. I want to say many thanks and wish you success!

The photos are incredible! Thank you very much 🙂 We are very glad that after a long search for a photographer we found you!

Since we received all the photos once a week we normally have guests or relatives with the question “oh show us all the wedding photos”!

And I almost forgot: a bag of joys is very cool 🙂 well done, everything is thought out to the smallest details 🙂

I am incredibly glad that it was Margo who was with us on the day of our wedding. She is not just a talented photographer, she is an artist and a sensitive psychologist. 

Margo knows how to convey and capture emotions that sometimes can not be seen with a cursory glance. 

Thanks to this, while reviewing wedding photos, my husband and I again plunge into the atmosphere of that day and relive those emotions. Margo’s photographs are bright, memorable, “tasty». And working with her is a pleasure.

We are very lucky that fate brought us together with Margo! Very easy, pleasant and sociable person. Recommendations on choosing floristics, decor, places, colors, very important point in choosing makeup artist and hairdresser are all hers!!! We listened to her in every detail and are happy we did it!

This woman made our day, our holiday, our emotions which we now remember with enthusiasm!) 

I recommend Margo to everyone if you want to see live emotions in the photos and be sure of your most important day!)

I am very glad that we’ve chosen Margo to shoot our wedding! When you look at the photographs of that day, you immediately plunge into that incredible atmosphere.

Margo has an amazing talent to capture the moment and convey through photographs “live”, genuine emotions and feelings.

Her works are so sincere, heartful, saturated with warmth and love, that cause great delight and admiration!

It is impossible not to notice that Margot truly loves what she does and puts her whole soul into it. And we are infinitely grateful to her for this.

We were lucky to work with Margo at our wedding. The results are obvious and everyone can see for themselves the quality of the photographs. I would like to note another thing.

Margo independently contacted coordinators, designers, operators without distracting us from a huge number of cases. She was ready to provide all possible assistance in almost every issue from the nuances of design to the rental of furniture and decor.

Margo turned out to be a great professional. She supported words and deeds throughout the preparation for the wedding. And perhaps the most important thing is that photos are great.

She took up the running during the immediate shooting of the wedding, creating the right atmosphere during staged photo shooting, moreover, Margo was sensitive to the situation around during various ceremonies and an abundance of competitions.

She was absolutely invisible at the wedding however she did not miss a single important point. I was pleasantly surprised by her attitude to details and trifles. It was easy and pleasant to work with Margo.

There was no doubt that it was Margo who would be the photographer at our wedding.

Looking through her photos you get real aesthetic pleasure.

They have something vibrant and unique, a sense of style that is difficult to describe in words. The emotions from working with Margo are the most pleasant and the result of the shooting is awesome!)

I want to express my deep gratitude to Margo for her talent and professionalism, and I would  like to join to all the positive reviews!

After 5 years from the day of our wedding we admire your professionalism and creativity reviewing the photos. You made us a real fairytale in that cloudy and rainy day! The result exceeded all our expectations!

The photos turned out to be very tender, romantic, sincere, laid-back, and at the same time very vibrant and lively conveying all the joy of this day. It was a pleasure working with you.

All our relatives and friends were completely delighted after viewing the photos. I am very glad that it was Margo who shot our wedding.

All emotions were conveyed, all important moments and mood remained in our memory thanks to your photographs. It is so essential that there are people who are doing what they love with all their soul!

Margo is very easy and pleasant person to talk to, we understood each other at a glance. This was very important in those moments when you were worried before a vital event!

She perfectly feels what, how, where, and from what angle needs to be photographed.

And retouched photos are just a bomb)

We were looking for a photographer for our wedding for a long time and had chosen Margo.

It was incredibly easy and pleasant to work with her that shows her high professionalism undoubtedly.

Photos exceeded all expectations as they turned out to be alive and with very successful angles. For sure, we’ve found our photographer!

Ooooo Margo!!!! Just a terrific photographer, a real professional!!!!

A wonderful person!!!! it’s insanely easy to work with her!!!!

Photos are like postcards, I want to review them a thousand times!!!!

We are grateful to her for the magical day that she spent with us and captured amazing fragments of our lives)